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Table 1 Current diagnostic criteria for HF-PEF

From: The Alberta Heart Failure Etiology and Analysis Research Team (HEART) study

Definition ESC [12, 14] Vasan et al. [15] Zile et al. [16, 19]
Signs or symptoms? Symptoms and signs of HF Symptoms and signs, supporting laboratory tests and a typical clinical response to treatment# Symptoms and signs of HF (by Framingham criteria)
Ejection fraction LVEF > 50% and LVEDVI < 97 mls/m2 LVEF ≥ 50% within 72 hours of HF event** LVEF > 50%
Echo/Cath/Biomarker evidence of diastolic dysfunction? Yes Yes*** Not required
Abnormal LV relaxation, filling, distensibility indices on cardiac catheterization
  1. #with diuretics, with or without documentation of elevated LV filling pressure (at rest, on exercise, or in response to a volume load) or a low cardiac index; **downgraded to “Probable” if EF not defined in first 72 hours; ***downgraded to “Possible” if no Echo or Cath evidence; ESC, European Society of Cardiology.