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Table 1 Search strategy

From: The impact of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid supplementation on the incidence of cardiovascular events and complications in peripheral arterial disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis

1. (omega 3 fatty acid OR omega-3 fatty acid OR n 3 fatty acid OR n-3 fatty acid OR n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid)
2. (dietary supplement OR dietary supplementation OR dietary fat)
3. (flax OR flaxseed OR flaxseed oil OR linseed oil)
4. (fish OR fish oil OR fatty fish OR marine)
5. (canola OR canola oil OR rapeseed oil)
6. (dietary supplements[MeSH Terms]) OR (dietary fats[MeSH Terms]) OR (flax[MeSH Terms]) OR (linseed oil[MeSH Terms]) OR (fishes[MeSH Terms]) OR (fish oils[MeSH Terms])
7. (eicosapentaenoic acid OR EPA)
8. (docosahexaenoic acids OR DHA)
9. (alpha-linolenic acid OR ALA)
10. (fatty acids, omega-3[MeSH Terms]) OR (eicosapentaenoic acid[MeSH Terms]) OR (docosahexaenoic acids[MeSH Terms]) OR (alpha-linolenic acid[MeSH Terms])
11. #1 OR #2 OR #3 OR #4 OR #5 OR #6 OR #7 OR #8 OR #9 OR #10
12. (peripheral arterial disease OR peripheral artery disease OR peripheral arterial diseases OR peripheral artery diseases)
13. (peripheral vascular disease OR peripheral vascular diseases OR peripheral angiopathy OR peripheral angiopathies)
14. (ankle brachial index OR ankle-brachial index OR ankle brachial indices OR ankle-brachial indices OR intermittent claudication)
15. (peripheral arterial disease[MeSH Terms]) OR (peripheral vascular diseases[MeSH Terms]) OR (ankle-brachial index[MeSH Terms]) OR (intermittent claudication[MeSH Terms])
16. #12 OR #13 OR #14 OR #15
17. (randomized controlled trial[pt] OR controlled clinical trial[pt] OR randomized[tiab] OR placebo[tiab] OR drug therapy[sh] OR randomly[tiab] OR trial[tiab] OR groups[tiab]) NOT (animals[mh] NOT humans[mh])
18. #11 AND #16 AND #17