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Table 3 Sex-specific distribution of coronary artery dominance in obstructive CAD versus non obstructive CAD group

From: Sex-dependent association between coronary vessel dominance and cardiac syndrome X: a case-control study

Gender Group Dominance Frequency % p value*
Males Obstructive CAD Left type 10,9 NS
   Mixed type 13,9  
  Non obstructive CAD Left type 15,2 0,012
   Mixed type 4  
Females Obstructive CAD Left type 6,4 0,013
   Mixed type 16,3  
  Non obstructive CAD Left type 16,8 NS
   Mixed type 14  
Males Obstructive CAD Mixed type 13,9 NS
Females    16,3  
Males Non obstructive CAD Mixed type 4 0,01
Females    14  
  1. *Chi-squared test; CAD, coronary artery disease; NS, not significant.