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Table 1 Variables and instruments

From: The St. Louis African American health-heart study: methodology for the study of cardiovascular disease and depression in young-old African Americans

Variables Instruments
Coronary, carotid, and thoracic aorta calcium scores 64-slice dual-source MDCT scanner
CIMT and carotid plaque burden Bilateral carotid artery ultrasound imaging (mm)
ECG-derived - time domain analysis, frequency domain analysis, heart rate turbulence 24-hour Holter monitor
LV structure, LV systolic/diastolic function, valve function Echocardiography
Heart rate Echocardiogram
Aortic compliance- pulse wave analysis, pulse wave velocity SphygmoCor (AtCor Medical, Sydney, Australia)
Cardiovascular history Charleston comorbidity Index (17 items)
Blood pressure 3 times right and left arms
Ankle brachial index Pocket fetal doppler Sonoline B
(Clinical Guard, Atlanta, GA)
6-minute walk test Marked distance totaled
Emotional status
DSM IV diagnosis: current and lifetime major unipolar depression, generalized anxiety and panic disorder DISH (38 items)
Hamilton rating scale: severity of current depression
Psychiatric history
Screen for all exclusionary psychiatric conditions
Stressful/traumatic life events LEC (1–15 events)
Depression CES-D (11 items;≥9 points indicates clinically-relevant number of depressive symptoms)
Current clinical covariates
Fruit and vegetable consumption CDC questionnaire (6 items)
Medication use Self-report
Tobacco and alcohol use Self-report
Anthropometrics- height, weight, waist/hip Trained research members
Physical activity IPAQ-short (9 items)
Laboratory & biomarker assays
BMP, fasting glucose, fasting lipid profile, and HgbA1C Fasting blood draw
CRP, TNF-α, TNFR1, TNFR2, IL-6, TGF-β, VCAM, ICAM, MMP-9 Panomics multiplex immunoassay
(Affymetrix, Santa Clara, CA)
Built environment
Neighborhood of residence location Questionnaire re: location; geographic information system analyses and in-person assessments as part of parent AAH study (2010)
  1. Abbreviations: BMP basic metabolic panel, CDC centers for disease control and prevention, CES-D center for epidemiologic studies depression scale, CIMT carotid intima-media thickness, CRP c-reactive protein, DISH depression interview and structured hamilton, DSM IV diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders fourth edition, EKG electrocardiogram, HbgA 1C hemoglobin A1C, ICAM intercellular adhesion molecule, IL-6 Interleukin-6, IPAQ-Short international physical activity questionnaires-short form, LEC life events checklist, LV left ventricle, MDCT multi-detector computerized tomography, MMP-9 matrix metalloproteinase-9, TGF-β transforming growth factor-beta, TNF-α, tumor necrosis factor-alpha, TNFR1 tumor necrosis factor receptor 1, TNFR2 denotes tumor necrosis factor receptor 2, VCAM vascular cell adhesion molecule.