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Table 4 Association of CYP2C19C*2 allele status with fatal and non-fatal cardiovascular events during follow-up

From: Cytochrome P450 2C19*2 polymorphism in patients with stable coronary heart disease and risk for secondary cardiovascular disease events: results of a long-term follow-up study in routine clinical care

  Results of multivariable analysis
  HR (95% CI) Adjusted for age and gender HR (95% CI) *Adjusted for multiple covariates
CYP2C19C*2 Allele status   
   GG 1 referent 1 referent
   AG 0.79 (0.54-1.17) 0.80 (0.52-1.23)
   AA 2.37 (1.20-4.68) 2.59 (1.27-5.28)
p for trend 0.66 p for trend 0.45
After exclusion of patients on clopidogrel or ticlopidin (n total = 963):
CYP2C19C*2 Allele status   
   GG 1 referent 1 referent
   AG 0.82 (0.55-1.23) 0.87 (0.56-1.35)
   AA 2.18 (1.06-4.49) 2.27 (1.06-4.86)
p for trend 0.67 p for trend 0.42
  1. * adjusted for age, gender, BMI, school education, rehabilitation clinic, smoking status, history of diabetes mellitus, PCI, CABG, left ventricular function, HDL-cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, treatment with lipid-lowering drugs, NT-proBNP.