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Table 3 Endpoints

From: The effect of Bosentan on exercise capacity in Fontan patients; rationale and design for the TEMPO study

Primary endpoint
peakVO2 (ml/min, ml/min/kg body weight)
Secondary endpoints
VO2 (AT) (ml/min)
Maximal load (Watt)
Pulmonary blood flow (by Stringer-Wassermann method)
NYHA class
SF36 quality of life questionnaire
proBNP (pmol/l)
Fecal α1-antitrypsin (g/kg)
  1. PeakVO2: maximal oxygen consumption in test, VO2 (AT): oxygen consumption at anaerobic threshold, NYHA: New York Heart Association, proBNP: pro-Brain Natriuretic Peptide.