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Table 1 Study outcomes, targets and measurements at T 0 and T 1

From: The effects of Hartcoach, a life style intervention provided by telephone on the reduction of coronary risk factors: a randomised trial

Primary outcomes Target Measurement
BMI ≤25; or at least 5% reduction of bodyweight Height: measured without shoes, by nurse
Weight: measured without coat and shoes, by nurse
Waist circumference ♀ ≤ 88 cm, ♂ ≤ 102 cm Measured by nurse with a measuring tape halfway between the lowest rib and the top of the hipbone around the abdomen, under (or without) clothing.
Physical activity ≥ 30 min. 5 times per week Patient questionnaire: Physical Activity Scale for the Elderly (PASE; [20])
Systolic blood pressure < 140 mmHg Measured by nurse with an automatic sphygmomanometer. Patient is seated and both arms are measured. Measurement on the arm with the highest systolic blood pressure is repeated. The mean value of these both measurements is registered
Total cholesterol ≤ 5,0 mmol/l Laboratory*
LDL cholesterol ≤ 2,5 mmol/l Laboratory
HDL cholesterol ≥ 1,0 mmol/l Laboratory
Diet 2 ounces of vegetables, 2 pieces of fruit, 20–35% energy intake of fat; < 10% energy intake of saturated fat Patient questionnaire: Maastricht Voedingsvragenlijst[21]
Secondary outcomes   
Blood glucose fasting glucose < 7 mmol/l Laboratory
HbA1c (%) < 53 mmol/mol (< 7%) Laboratory
Smoking fully quit Patient questionnaire: Self report, one question
Self management   Patient questionnaire: Self report, five questions
Medication adherence Full adherence Patient questionnaire: Adapted Morisky Scale [22]
Quality of life   Patient questionnaire: MacNew Heart Disease Health-related Quality of Life Questionnaire [23]
Depression Anxiety   Patient questionnaire: Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS; [24])
  1. * blood values are analysed by the laboratory in the medical centre the patient is treated, according to local standard practice.