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Table 4 Factors from key themes showing no evidence of relationship with uptake / completion of CR programmes [references]

From: A systematic review of patient reported factors associated with uptake and completion of cardiovascular lifestyle behaviour change

Category Factors
Emotions[33, 3638, 50, 52, 74] Uptake - Anxiety stait; alexithymia; distress caused by symptoms; emotional health (profile of mood state; post traumatic stress disorder, self motivation
  Completion - problem focused coping; maladaptive coping
Psychological beliefs[30, 36, 37, 78] Uptake – Overall health beliefs; multidimensional health locus of control; illness perceptions personal control; illness perceptions treatment control; illness perceptions timeline
  Completion - Emotional representations; time cyclical (symptoms change)
Information and communication[67] Uptake - Knowledge of smoking recommendation
Family & friends support[49, 60, 64, 76] Uptake - Living alone; relationship difficulties
  Completion - Living arrangements
Transport & cost[47, 48, 60, 70, 74, 76] Uptake – occupation; transport cost and financial difficulty; distance from centre
  Completion – Transport problems; income; occupation, ‘practical barriers’ (broadly defined)