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Table 3 Requirement, view and assessments required for RhFFUS comprehensive echocardiogram

From: Rheumatic Fever Follow-Up Study (RhFFUS) protocol: a cohort study investigating the significance of minor echocardiographic abnormalities in Aboriginal Australian and Torres Strait Islander children

Potential abnormality View and Assessment
All comprehensive studies PLAX 2D assessment of:
- left ventricular chamber dimensions at the level of the mitral valve leaflet tips (interventricular septum thickness, left ventricular end-diastolic & systolic dimensions, left ventricular posterior wall thickness)
- aorta and left atrium diameter at the aortic cusp level
Dependent on the presence of potential mitral or aortic valve disease Standardized additional studies including routine acquisition of colour, continuous and pulse wave Doppler measurements
Any other pathology As per routine clinical protocols