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Table 1 Outcomes measured at baseline, after 6 weeks and 6 months.

From: A mobile phone-based care model for outpatient cardiac rehabilitation: the care assessment platform (CAP)

Outcome Measures Measurement tools
Primary Outcome Measure  
Adherence to physical activity guidelines. Active Australia Survey [17]
Walking activity measured with a pedometer over 7 days
6 minute walk test
Secondary Outcome Measures  
   Risk factors:  
   Body Mass Index (BMI) Measured at the cardiac rehabilitation centre and Queensland Medical Laboratories according to standard procedures and recorded in a Cardiac Rehabilitation Assessment tool
   blood pressure  
   alcohol intake  
   Full Blood Count (FBC), lipids, HbA1c, Haemoglobin  
   Psychological Functioning Kessler 10 [18]
   Nutrition Status Diet Habits Questionnaire [19]
   Quality of Life European Quality of Life-5 Dimensions (EQ-5D) Health Outcome questionnaire [20]
The Seattle Angina Questionnaire [21]
Medication Compliance Self report
Satisfaction & Usability Questionnaire for the patients and clinical staff
Morbidity and Mortality Unplanned re-admission and Mortality obtained from Queensland Health Hospital Based Computer Information System (HBCIS)
Process Indicators:  
Costs Staff time reports on Care Continuum Suite (CCS) system, projected equipment and facility costs are collected from the hospital's financial database, other technology costs are calculated from the project's financial records or estimated from the current market values
Drop-out rates in the control and intervention groups, numbers/percentage of people who did/did not consent to participate in the trial Trial recruitment spreadsheet
Median time return-to-work/return to work Patient self-report