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Table 1 OCCP Case Mix Group cost estimates

From: Evaluation of the consequences associated with diffuse vascular disease history in patients diagnosed with peripheral arterial disease: estimates from Saskatchewan health data

Hospitalization type Costs (2002 $CAD)
   Ischemic stroke $7,793
   TIA with no related procedures $2,687
   TIA with carotid endarterectomy $4,689
   AMI with no surgical procedures  
AMI, unspecified cardiac condition $3,805
AMI with CHF $7,064
AMI with angina $4,564
AMI with cardiogenic shock and/or PE $16,252
   AMI with surgical procedures  
AMI with CABG and CC $18,564
AMI with CABG $12,004
AMI with PCTA $8,189
AMI with CC/angiography $6,161
AMI with CHF and CC/angiography $9,349
AMI with angina and CC/angiography $6,661
AMI with permanent pacemaker $7,379
Angina as primary diagnosis $2,352
UA with cardiac complication $3,227
UA without cardiac complication $2,144
UA with cardiogenic shock and/or PE $16,253
   Angina with surgical procedures  
UA or angina with CABG and CC $18,564
UA or angina with CABG $12,004
Angina w/o cardiac complication with PTCA or stent $4,748
Angina with cardiac complication with PTCA or stent $8,189
UA with CC/coronary angio $5,803
UA with cardiac complications and CC/coronary angio $8,774
Angina with CC/coronary angio $3,740
   Other cardiac problems  
CHF $4,074
CHF with CC $4,916
Arrhythmia/Conduction disorders no pacemaker $2,159
Arrhythmia/Conduction disorders with permanent pacemaker $7,379
   Peripheral Vascular Disease  
PAD, no major vascular surgery $4,273
PAD with aorto-iliac-femoral bypass graft $11,403
PAD with intra-abdominal bypass graft $11,403
PAD with other peripheral bypass graft $4,017
PAD with lower limb Embolectomy $4,017
PAD with upper limb or toe amputation $9,239
PAD with foot amputation $12,519
PAD with below the knee amputation $12,344
PAD with above the knee amputation $12,420
   Major bleeds  
ICH, no surgical procedures $12,134
GI bleed, no surgical procedures $2,826
Hemorrhage, unspecified with no surgical procedures $6,218
GI bleed with gastrectomy/other major gastric surgery $11,050
GI bleed with endoscopy $4,017
  1. AMI = acute myocardial infarction
  2. CABG = coronary artery bypass graft
  3. CC = cardiac catheterization
  4. CHF = congestive heart failure
  5. GI = gastrointestinal
  6. ICH = intracranial hemorrhage
  7. PAD = peripheral arterial disease
  8. PE = pulmonary embolus
  9. PTCA = percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty
  10. TIA = transient ischemic attack
  11. UA = unstable angina